1st hand versus 2nd hand contracts (pros and cons)

1st hand versus 2nd hand contract (pros and cons)


First-hand contracts PROS:
• You can rent them at an incredibly low cost – sometimes, you can sign a first-hand contract at half the market rental price of the apartment;
• The apartments are built by the state – you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with frauds or scammers;
• It can be both permanent, and for a set period of time – you have the flexibility to determine the terms that best suit your current situation and rental needs.

First-hand contracts CONS:
• It’s almost impossible to get one – with such a high demand foreigners, students, and expats have almost zero chances to get a first-hand contract (especially in Stockholm);
• You’ll have to enter the housing queue (bostadskö) – the housing queue is proverbial with its high volume;
• Queuing can take up to 10+ years in Stockholm.

Second-hand contracts PROS:
• Subletting (a second-hand contract) is what most foreigners (expats) choose as a rental option – this is a well-known renting model that almost everybody is well acquainted with;
• It is a common practice in the bigger cities (and especially in Stockholm);
• There are regulatory organs that guarantee you reasonable (and legal) rent rates – if your rights as a renter are violated, you can file a claim at the regional rent tribunal. It will mediate any dispute between you and your landlord.

Second-hand contracts CONS:
• Many first-hand contract holders operate on the black renting market. Due to the high demand for second-hand contracts, a lot of landlords demand a considerably higher rent than the one that’s in your contract (that is paid in cash);
• Second-hand contracts are in a very high demand and difficult to get;
• There are renting period limitations – this can be very inconvenient as a person in search of a long-term rent may end up approving an apartment that is rented for just a month (or vice versa);
• You may fall victim of scammers – the most usual way for them to get your money is try to make you pay your deposit and then disappear.

There is a better way!
Hibih is an alternative to second-hand contracts, helping those who have a room or a flat (or a house) to offer and those looking for a place to rent to find each other and get in touch in a fast, easy and secure way. We are promoting house-sharing through easy communication and by building trust and promoting responsibility. Hibih is the easiest way for foreigners to find housing in Stockholm – both short term and long term.

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