3 reasons living with a flatmate is a good thing

living with a flatmate

Are you looking for a rented space to share with other people? Are you still not sure about moving in? Or you have an extra room and are still not sure whether you should rent it?


In either case, you might find our 3 reasons to live with a flatmate both intriguing and useful!


  1. Reduced living costs

Despite for splitting the rent, if you live with a flatmate, you will also share all the living costs with them. And this means both reduced living costs and some extra cash in your pocket! If you rent a shared accommodation, you can easily start saving money for some projects you haven’t had the finances for till now. If you own a place and have an extra room, by renting it you can earn extra income right away!


  1. New friends

When you share your apartment or house with flatmates, sooner or later you become friends. It is not necessary to spend every minute with them, of course, but just the thought that you have someone at home you can rely on is enough for you to feel better. It’s good to know that there will be someone to feed the dog once in a while during your occasional business trips. Or simply a companion for a glass of wine on a Saturday evening when neither of you is in the mood of dressing up and going out.


  1. Less chores

House chores are a real nightmare whether you live alone or with flatmates. You know what they say, if you do the chores regularly, nobody notices; if you don’t – everybody notices. The good thing is that when you live with flatmates, they get a share not only of the rented space but of the chores as well! This means that the same (boring) chores will be distributed among the number of flatmates you live with!