4 things to do before renting an apartment

4 things to do before renting an apartment

Renting an apartment is far from being the most pleasurable experience. The time preceding the singing-of-the-lease moment is a period in which you ask yourself a lot of questions. You feel insecure as you haven’t still figured out your tenant situation and you need some help to make sure you do it right and take the most out of the renting process.

Here are 4 things to do before renting an apartment that will help you make the best decision:

1. Take your time

Hurrying through the renting process is the worst advice anyone can give you. Take your time, don’t panic, and give yourself enough time to measure all the pros and cons before signing the dotted line. If you feel the time is short and you have to act fast, just step back from the whole situation and think about where the pressure comes from. If it is your future landlord that is pressuring you, you might consider there’s something wrong with the property and/or the whole renting situation.

2. Put everything in writing

It doesn’t matter if your future landlord is your cousin or your best friend forever. Renting an apartment is a serious deal and should be treated as such. Make sure you require a written lease contract that has all the details in it. Getting all the landlord’s promises in writing will guarantee you a hassle-free problem solving if/when the time comes.

3. Visit the property at different times

It’s very important to tour and visit the property you want to rent during the so-called off times. These are the times that not many other potential renters choose. For example, visit the property at night and take a look at the neighborhood. Are there suspicious people you can tell are the usual suspects of the hood? Is there loud music coming from any of the neighbors? Perhaps the landlord conveniently forgot to tell you about the party animal living in the apartment above yours…

4. Thoroughly inspect the property

The final walk-through is compulsory for any renter that wants to feel comfortable (and safe) in the new apartment they’ve just rented. Your landlord will most probably be there during your inspection but you can also ask a friend to help you thoroughly inspect the apartment. Ask the landlord to turn the water and electricity on a few days prior to your walk-through and test everything – faucets, shower, hot water, lighting fixtures, etc. Flush the toilet, check if all appliances work, check the temperature inside the fridge, turn on the oven… You get the idea!