4 ways to become the best flatmate ever

4 ways to become the best flatmate ever

Do you want to be a dream of a flatmate that everybody wants to have? It’s really not that difficult! All you have to do is learn a few little tricks and you will find yourself on the pedestal of picture-perfect flatmates in no time. Do you want to learn how to do it? Read on for the 4 ways to become the best flatmate ever:

1. Ask, ask, ask
Whether you move in with an inexperienced flatmate or you end up the 3rd (or even 4th) person occupying the last spare room in a flat full of seasoned flatmates, you have to behave respectfully. To make a good first impression, don’t forget your manners and simply ask if you are not sure about anything. For example, instead of trying to figure out how the coffee machine works, ask for help. This will both make it easier for you to break the ice with your new flatmate/s and will make them feel comfortable around you.

2. Cook, cook, cook
Everybody loves a chocolate lava cake! Cannot make one? No worries, there are thousands of easy recipes online and some of them take neither time nor a bankruptcy to make. The thing is that nobody can resist a delicious meal (be it a cheese sandwich or a befstroganov). If preparing something delicious for the people you share the apartment with once in a while becomes a habit, you will soon be considered the in-house chef and you’ll get both the love and the respect you deserve!

3. All these little things
Are you familiar with the feeling you get when it’s your turn to order at the coffee shop and the guy/girl serving you says in a questioning voice: “The usual?” Be it simply a double espresso or a tall slim ice soya latte with honey instead of sugar to go (because that’s how I like it, thanks for asking), the fact that somebody else took the effort to remember your preferences means a lot. Now, let’s take it to your shared apartment. It really takes a minor effort to remember how everybody has their coffee and the result is grateful sleepy flatmates that don’t (ever!) want you to leave.

4. Get out
No, not by yourself. The apartment you just moved in may not yet seem like home and the presence of other people who have lived there long before you entered the front door makes things even harder. The easiest way to bond with your flatmates is to get out of the flat together and go to a place like the local pub or pizza restaurant where you can really hit it off on neutral grounds. Who knows, perhaps you will leave the house as flatmates and get back in as real friends!