4 ways to personalize your rented space without making your landlord angry

4 ways to personalize your rented space without making your landlord angry

When you live in somebody else’s flat (which is the case for all people who rent and/or share a flat with a home owner), there’s really not much you can do to personalize the space you live in, right? WRONG!

There are hundreds of ways you can personalize your rented space without making your landlord angry or violating your rental agreement! Read on to find out some easy to add personal touches that will leave a smile both on yours and on your landlord’s face:

1. Let there be light
As a renter, you obviously can’t make drastic light changes like replacing light fittings, adding dimmers and the like, but this shouldn’t disappoint you! A nice pair of night stand lamps or a designer floor lamp can literally transform the look and feel of any room. Use the power of light by accentuating on spots you want highlighted and make light your best ally when it comes to making your rented space feel like home.

2. Make use of free-standing furniture
Free-standing furniture is the least expensive way to add storage (and functionality) to your rented apartment without making the landlord mad at you. The options you have are innumerous and you will easily find a free-standing alternative to a built-in piece of furniture for any room in the house. Besides, this gives you another opportunity to add your personal style to the place and make it your own.

3. Treat your windows
There’s nothing more impersonal than a bare window, don’t you think? They call them window treatments for a reason! Personalize any room in your rented space using different window treatments and you’ll soon feel the new atmosphere each room gets thanks to you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fabrics, colors, textures, and finishes and you’ll be amazed at the results!

4. Display your works of art without destroying the walls
Long gone are the days when you had to drill a hole in the wall to display a work of art. For the smaller pieces like pictures, postcards, etc., use the available display space (a fireplace mantle, cabinet tops, empty shelves). For the bigger pieces, opt for leaning them directly against the wall to add a personal touch to a bare wall or to make the space look bigger (use a mirror in this case).