5 Energy saving tips for renters

5 Energy saving tips for renters

Did you know that hitting the shower can save you money? As a renter, you already have an extra cost (the rent) to deal with every month. That is why renters are the ones that will find it especially useful to follow these simple money-saving and energy-saving rules. Here’s how to reduce your energy costs as a renter (5 energy saving tips for renters):

  1. Electricity

Is your electricity bill hitting the roof? Get it back on the ground with a few energy-saving tricks and habits like plugging your electrical equipment off when not in use (bye bye, standby draw). You can also make more use of the sleep mode of your laptop or personal computer. Or get rid of the habit to preheat your oven when reheating food.

  1. Lighting

Did you know that there are new lighting technologies that can reduce your rented space’s lighting energy by over 50%? Simply switch to CFL bulbs and you’ll thank us later! Another trick is to make the most use of natural light. Oh, and don’t forget the bathroom lights on.

  1. Water

Who needs running water when shaving or brushing teeth? Help save the planet and turn it off. When you need a bath, keep in mind that hitting the shower is way more cost-effective (and water/energy-saving) than soaking in the bathtub. If there are any leaking taps, ask your landlord to fix them or agree on a rent deduction and have them fixed yourself. And last but not least, there’s the dual-flash toilet. If you have one, please use its functionalities. That means, use the half-flush when… appropriate.

  1. Doing the dishes/laundry

There’s a very easy way to save both water and electricity by simply doing these two (dreadful) chores the right way. When doing the dishes manually, you can stop the water from running while you’re soaping the dishes. If you use a dishwasher, you should wait it to be fully loaded before you hit the start button. When doing laundry, don’t wash only a handful of laundry at a time – more half-empty laundry loads means more energy (and water) waste!

  1. Getting temperature and light right

What does this mean? Basically, it means that there is another (simpler and more cost-effective) way to control the temperature and light in your rented home. You don’t need to use only the electricity-powered equipment like lights and air-conditioner to do that! Use window curtains, drapes or shades the right way: close them when it’s hot outside (to keep the cooler temperature inside) and open them on sunny winter days if you want some heat to come inside. The same applies to light – don’t reach for that switch unless you really need to!