5 Moving hacks for flatmates that will save your life (and sanity)

5 Moving hacks for flatmates that will save your life (and sanity)


Don’t you just hate packing and unpacking? It’s the most time-consuming and nerve-breaking part of moving that many flatmates all over the world endure any time they find a shared flat they will call home for the next few months/years.

Thanks to our 5 awesome moving hacks, moving is a breeze! They are easy to remember and easy to follow so you no longer have an excuse for spending a week packing, moving, and unpacking when you can use this precious time for socializing with your new flatmates!

  1. Leave hangers on

Have you ever cursed every extra second you spend hanging your clothes back on their hangers in your new place? Why waste this time when you can pack your clothes without taking the hangers off and save yourself a couple of hours?

  1. Having breakables? Use your clothes as a bubble wrap!

Every renter, including flatmates, have tons of breakables like dishes, cups, glasses, etc. that have to be packed. The ugly truth about these fragile items is that they are so difficult to pack. They need to be secured with bubble wrap, which makes even a small coffee cup take up the space of a saucepan. How to save time, space, and money? Wrap your breakables with your clothes and you’re all set!

  1. Use colors for carton coding

A lot of inexperienced movers use text to mark their cartons. What a huge mistake! When there is a heap of cartons in your new living room, the last thing you need is a small font trying (unsuccessfully) to throw light on the contents of each carton. Who needs this extra work? Try color-coding instead! This is an easy (and clear!) method of marking your cartons. I mean, how much easier can it get: green mark goes to the bathroom, blue mark goes to the bedroom, red mark goes to the kitchen, etc. Oh, and whatever method you use for marking your boxes, label them on the side (not the top)! You’ll thank me later.

  1. Use your suitcases wisely

Why carry around empty suitcases that take up so much space? Fill them with clothes and other appropriate items, especially heavier ones. Why? Because they are intended to carry stuff in them! What, with handles, wheels, and everything. This awesome trick saves both space and inconveniences.

  1. Make a day out of it!

Do you remember that song, “That’s What Friends Are For”? Invite all of your friends over and let them help you with packing or unpacking. Or both! Are you not sure they would want to come? Make them an offer they can’t resist. You don’t know what a few slices of pizza and some ice-cold beer can do even to your laziest friends! Besides, who said good-bye parties and housewarming parties shouldn’t involve a helping hand?