5 ways to have fun with your flatmates

5 ways to have fun with your flatmates

Living with flatmates has its pros and cons. One of the greatest advantages to living with other people is that you can say goodbye to lonely activities and embrace the beauty of sharing your spare time with people who can easily turn to your best friends!

Here are 5 ways to have fun with your flatmates:

  1. Have dinner together

Food is the international language of getting together. There’s nothing more relaxing than having dinner with people you like after a long day at work/school. You can share not only your meal, but also your thoughts, ideas, and experience with your flatmates. You can even make a ritual and have dinner together each Friday (for example) and take turns with cooking, doing the dishes, etc.

  1. Have a drink together

Whether it is wine, beer, whiskey, or whatever drink that lifts your spirit, share the fun with your flatmates. This is also a great opportunity to leave the home you are sharing and mingle together on a no man’s land. You may even meet new people and further expand your friends’ circle.

  1. Play games together

Remember how much fun it was when you were a child and played games with your siblings and parents in the living room? Cards, chess, or any other board game make the perfect excuse for an evening well spent with your roommates. Just remember to add in some finger food plus everybody’s favorite drink and you have a game night for adults to remember!

  1. Play/watch sports together

There must be a game you all like watching or playing. It can be football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, you name it. As long as you all like it, you should find a way to enjoy it together. Gather together to watch your favorite sports show at the weekend or go out and spend an hour playing your favorite game together in the nearby park. It will help you feel more like a team – as that’s exactly what you are as flatmates.

  1. Take a walk together

A few hours outside plus flatmates plus topics you haven’t already discussed is a great combination. You can go to the park or have a hike outside the city – it all depends on your willingness to combine movement and mingling. Just make sure you are well equipped if you choose the second option!