5 ways to keep your rental deposit intact

5 ways to keep your rental deposit intact

Losing your rental deposit is among the most unpleasant scenarios of the end of your renting experience. After all, it is your money and you probably need it, especially if you need a new place to rent. Many tenants overlook the issue of dealing with their rental deposits the right way.

Here’s why we’ve gathered 5 of the easiest ways to keep your rental deposit intact:

  1. Take pictures when you move in

Taking pictures of the property when you move in gives you plenty of evidence you might later need in case your landlord insists on keeping your precious rental deposit. It’s strongly advisable that you take the pictures in the landlord’s presence. Be particularly active with your camera anytime you see something you might be sought responsible for (like a leakage, something already broken/not working, etc).

  1. Take pictures when you move out

It’s equally important to take the time and immortalize the moment you leave your rented space (and the condition you are leaving it in). Make sure to catch any details that might become an issue in case your landlord has doubts about handing you back your rental deposit.

  1. Stand your ground

Many landlords take advantage of the so-called “easy targets” – first time or inexperienced tenants who don’t know their rights and are not yet quite familiar with the whole renting process. A few hours spent online or at the local municipality/expat helpdesk/etc. will be enough for you to get the needed information and be prepared for a pleasant rental experience with no surprises along the way.

  1. Ask for a second opinion

Reducing the risk of losing your rental deposit starts way before you move into your new home. Signing a bad contract is a precondition for some “traps” your landlord has set for you with the hope to make you responsible for paying things you are not normally responsible for as a tenant. That’s why our best advice for you is to show your rental contract (before you sign it!) to a professional or at least to a more experienced tenant who is well aware of the common rental practices.

  1. Be a responsible tenant

Last but not least, being a responsible tenant will reduce the risk of having to lose your rental deposit to a minimum. How to do this? It’s easy – just think of the property you rented as of your own. After all, this is your home, be it a temporary one, so looking after it and keeping it in a good condition as if it was your own is always a good approach.