5 ways to keep your rented apartment clean

Cleaning with flatmates

Whether you have to clear out Christmas decoration or do a yearly deep clean of your apartment, living in a shared accommodation means sharing the dirty work as well. Different flatmates with different schedules and ideas of cleanliness can make this a hard flatmate-task to tackle. You could be lucky and live with very neat people. Or not.

Either way, in a shared apartment, it makes sense to set some ground rules about cleaning duties – preferably before the clutter and dust escalate into a (preventable) argument.

Below are 5 tips on how to maintain a clean apartment in your co-sharing living space.


Chore chart

If you are having a hard time agreeing on who does what and when then writing the tasks down on a board could be your savior. Write down the names of all the flatmates, come up with weekly chores to be done and agree on the dates. Once a chore has been completed, the designated flatmate can put a tick next to it under their name. Make sure you distribute the workload equally, though!

And if you do not want a chart to be hanging in your hallway, you can always use an online application, which will remind each and every one when it is their turn to do a certain chore. A pop-up on their smartphone should prevent you from having to deal with any excuses on skipped duties.

Create a clean-up event

Choose a day of the week for regular clean-ups and a day per month (more likely few months) for a big clean-up. Distribute the chores equally among the flatmates. Get together, put on some music and make a fun flatmate clean-up event out of it.

And the best part (apart from the clean apartment, obviously) – once you’re done with the work, how about a drink or a movie with your flatmates? You’ve certainly deserved it!

Care for a little gamble?

If you feel like trying your luck, play a game. Cards, board games, anything will work. Decide on which chore you are playing for and the loser-flatmate has to do it.

But beware – one unlucky flatmate might have to do it all! In which case, be a team-player and give them a hand.

Organize and de-clutter

Instead of focusing on who’s going to clean up the mess, how about working on keeping the apartment clean in the first place? Clean after yourself immediately and keep things organized. This includes getting rid of any clutter you have sitting around collecting dust. Find some smart space saving closets or shelves and keep things organized in them.

The more organized things are, the less messy your common area will look!

Whenever you have guests over or throw a party, make sure you swipe the floor and do the dishes as soon as possible. This way (even if you broke a glass or happened to be too loud at 2 AM) they can’t really be mad at you, can they?


This is a solution for when you simply cannot decide on equally distributing the workload or one of the flatmates feels like they’re doing more than the others. Or if you are all too busy doing other things. As long as it is within everyone’s budget, it is probably a wise idea to outsource the job. Hire a professional and split the cost.