5 ways to really bond with your flatmate

5 ways to really bond with your flatmate

Entering the kingdom of flatmates is so easy these days, especially thanks to awesome online services like Hibih! Once you find the perfect apartment and you have already unpacked, it’s time to get to know your flatmates…

Depending on how close you want to become with them (and vice versa), here are 5 ways to really bond with your flatmate:

  1. Watch TV together

There is almost nothing better than a favorite TV show that can bond you with your new flatmate. Among the few activities you can easily start enjoying together from day 1 is watching TV together. This is also a great way to see what interests you have in common! You can talk about what TV shows you can’t wait to start and what programs you just skip altogether and make a list of the things you both enjoy watching on TV. We bet you’ll have at least one favorite TV show/series you’d have fun watching together from now on!

  1. Cook dinner together

It is an unwritten rule that food (and preparing it) has the power to bring people together and make them feel close. If you are coming from a different culture, offer to prepare a traditional meal and ask your flatmate to help you. Or ask them if they are willing to show you how to prepare their traditional dishes! This is a great way to find out interesting facts about each other’s backgrounds and melt the ice.

  1. Have a drink together

Alcohol is famous for loosening people’s tongues. If are shy and you find it difficult to find the best way to approach your new flatmate and get to know them better, ask them out for a drink or (better yet) offer to make some cocktails at home! Once you’ve said “Cheers!” a couple of times, you’ll soon discover how many topics you feel comfortable discussing with your new flatmate.

  1. Share your dating/flatmating misadventures

Everybody has these stories about an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend/flatmate that include a handful of awkward moments just waiting to be shared with your new flatmate. Throwing some light on these misfortunes from the past is one of the easiest ways to feel more at ease with the new person you are about to share a flat, a rent, and your personal life.

  1. Shop online together

In today’s digital world everybody has their own online places to go to when they want to have a new (insert any food/drink/piece of clothing/gadget here). Share your favorite online shops with your flatmate and let them know the secret website you use to get coupons, etc. and they will tell you theirs! You may even find out you share an interest in a particular online shop together. What a better way to get that bigger discount (or free delivery) than ordering your favorite goods together as flatmates?