The 5 worst flatmate personas

The 5 worst flatmate personas

When you set out on the amazing journey living with flatmates is, you seldom think about the worst. It is, however, possible, that you end up with one of the worst types of flatmates. Until (or, should I rather say IF) this happens, you can be prepared by our comprehensive list of the 5 worst flatmate personas there ever were:

  1. The Party Animal

I am sure if you went to a party and met the Party Animal, you quietly sighed with relief that you don’t have to deal with him as your flatmate. Why? Well, apart from turning your shared apartment into a non-stop party hub, he is usually late when it comes to paying the bills, buying groceries, etc. In other words, he is absent from your life when his presence is needed and present in your life when his absence is longed for.

  1. The Cook

The Cook can at first seem like a nice person and even be considered a flatmate blessing. But, sooner or later, his cooking fiascos turn the kitchen into an unimaginable mess that somebody needs to clean. And the cook is usually too exhausted from all the cooking so you end up having to wash a heap of dishes that piles and piles in the sink until you start wondering if it would be less difficult to just starve to death instead of having to deal with all these dishes after dinner.

  1. The Intruder

The Intruder may mask himself as a curious and harmless person who wants to be friends with you now that you are flatmates. But he soon shows his real face, showing up in your room unannounced, invading your privacy in all kinds of ways. The worst thing about intruders is that they are usually not aware of the fact that they make you feel uncomfortable in your own home.

  1. The Late Payer

The Late Payer is perhaps the most annoying flatmate type. He seems to never remember that it is time to pay the rent (again) as if it is something beyond his control. He asks innocent questions like, “Oh, is it time already?”, or, “How could I forget?” but a few seconds after he asked them, he forgets about the matter altogether!

  1. The Slob

The Slob is… well, everything a slob is: lazy, untidy, dirty, and generally not willing to clean their own messes. When it comes to his room, his flatmates may not even mind it as he is the only one having to live in it, but when he leaves the bathroom (for example) in a state that’s difficult to depict (let alone clean), things can get really ugly. Unfortunately, such people are almost impossible to teach good hygiene so you will have to either put up with the situation or get out of it as soon as you can.