6 amazing things you’ll find out about your future flatmate after you start living together

6 amazing things you'll find out about your future flatmate after you start living together

No matter how hard you try to not miss any question you can possibly ask your future flatmate during the interview, there will still be a few things you’ll be amazed to find out after you start your journey as flatmates. For sure, you already know whether they smoke or not, if they have pet or a boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

Once you start sharing the same bathroom, though, you will find tons of intricate details about your roommate and their lifestyle. Here are 6 of the most amazing things you’ll find out about your future flatmate only after you start living together:

  1. Their spending habits

Is your roommate a person who always splits the bill? Do they leave tips or keep all the change? Do they hate spending money at the supermarket but are willing to pay a 4-digit sum on an unplanned trip around Europe? There’s no way to find this out before you move in together!

  1. Their clothing style

Perhaps your future flatmate has a few pairs of underwear named “Monday”, “Tuesday”, etc. Or they have a favorite t-shirt they can’t wait to get out of the washing machine so they can wear it again? Do they neatly fold their clothes or leave them on a heap right on the floor? Their clothing habits will come into life before your eyes in the first days of your flatmate experience!

  1. Their cooking skills

Some people are blessed with flatmates that just love spending time in the kitchen preparing the next Jamie Oliver recipe in front of their bewildered flatmates who quietly wait for the deliciously smelling food to magically appear on their plates. Other (not so fortunate) people have to put up with a flatmate whose best cooking skill can be cut down to knowing the local pizza restaurant’s phone number by heart.

  1. Their sleeping schedule

I had a friend who couldn’t go back to sleep at 3 am unless she devoured almost a full box of chocolate cookies. We were friends for years before we moved in together but it was not until our first week as flatmates has passed when I found out about her strange middle-of-the-night-chocolate-feast routine.

  1. Their hangover tools

Everybody has their special remedies for an extremely bad hangover. Some of the hangover recipes are handed down from one generation to the next and you will rarely see two people who swear by the same hangover cure. The good news is that you now have another person whose wisdom to avail of after a tough night clubbing in town.

  1. Their family story

You might get a glimpse of your future flatmates family situation during the interview (parents live here and there, number of siblings, etc.), but the true picture of their family will be revealed to you after you become flatmates. After a few of their phone calls with their parents and several visits of said siblings, you’ll know pretty much everything about why they are not keen on their aunt Stella and why they don’t approve of their little sister’s affair with a local rock star.