6 best ways to spend the summer with your flatmate

6 best ways to spend the summer with your flatmate

It’s summer again and the days are so long and full of opportunities to have a great time spent together with your flatmate. Get some inspiration from our 6 best ways to spend the summer with your flatmate and create memories that will keep you warm during the cold winter days:

1. Throw an urban picnic
Who said that having lunch should be a boring activity taking place in your dining room? Avail of the sun outside and the shades of the closest park and throw an urban picnic for your flatmate! You can even use the food that’s already in the fridge so there’s no need to go broke for the sake of having lunch outside.

2. Attend a local festival
Do you know what’s great about summer? It’s full of outdoor events that are so appealing you just can’t say “No” to them! Look up the next festival you and your flatmate would be interested in attending and prepare for a night under the stars full of your favorite music.

3. Hit the road
No matter where you live, there are undoubtedly tens (if not tons) of beautiful must-see spots within an hour’s drive. Why miss all the fun when you can hit the road (together with your flatmate) and go on a road trip for a day (or more!)? Search online for the nearest places you both want to visit and start creating summer memories right now!

4. Go to the beach/pool
Depending on where you live, there is either a beach near you (lucky you) or at least a pool! Take the chance to escape from the heat and bring your flatmate to the nearest water source (natural or manmade) to get some tan and practice your swimming skills.

5. Eat ice cream
When did ice cream become a children-only treat? If you are among those who still voraciously lick their lips just at the thought of ice cream, bring your flatmate to the nearest ice cream truck (OK, the nearest shopping mall that sells ice cream) and spend an hour on a bench, chatting about your day, munching on your favorite ice cream.

6. Compete in a frozen t-shirt race
Yes, we’re saving the best for last… Here’s how to play: Soak a few of your oldest t-shirts in water, put them in plastic bags, and then freeze them for one night. The next day, compete to see who can “unfreeze” and pull on a frozen t-shirt the quickest. We bet you’ll leave yours on long after the race is over (especially if it takes place on a really hot summer day)!