6 Christmas gift ideas your flatmate(s) will love

6 Christmas gift ideas your flatmate(s) will love

Christmas with flatmates means more presents to add to your shopping list. To save you some time, efforts (and money), we’ve put together a short list of 6 affordable Christmas gift ideas that are perfect to give to your flatmate(s). They will surely love them!

  1. A bottle of (insert their favorite drink here)

Is your flatmate a whiskey fan or a wine lover? Whatever their favorite drink is, they will surely appreciate an extra bottle of it in the form of a Christmas gift. This way, you will be 100% sure they will both like their gift AND put it to use.

  1. A quote poster

Whether your flatmate is a man or a woman, you surely already know them well enough to be sure which quote best fits their personality and lifestyle. You can easily find the perfect quote poster online but, even you don’t have time to do the research and order it online, most Christmas bazaars have these handmade posters with inspirational quotes. All you have to do is pick one and you’re done!

  1. A customized printed t-shirt

An alternative to the quote poster, a personalized custom printed t-shirt is another both affordable and appropriate present for your flatmate. You can choose from traditional to funny prints (and the options are literally countless) so you have no excuse for not getting your flatmate a decent Christmas present this year.

  1. Slippers

You are sharing a home together so at least your flatmate won’t have an excuse for not wearing their Christmas present from you. This is a great gift for flatmates as it makes them feel like a part of a family (which, in most cases, you are very close to). Just choose slippers that would fit your flatmate’s home clothes and are in a color you are sure they like.

  1. A Christmas tree bauble

It’s Christmas, after all so a Christmas bauble may turn out to be best Christmas gift you could give your flatmate. It’s small in size, so they can easily bring it back home if they plan on spending the holidays with their families. Besides, Christmas baubles come in all sizes, colors, and shapes, so you can easily pick one you are sure your flatmate will like.

  1. A wrap/scarf

Since it can get quite cold in winter, a good Christmas gift for your flatmate is a wrap or a scarf they can throw on when going out in the chilly weather or while watching TV on the couch. Wraps and scarves are an appropriate present both for men and for women and make a very nice flatmate’s Christmas gift, don’t you think? Just stay within the color palette your flatmate feels comfortable wearing and you are on your way to be proclaimed the best flatmate ever!