6 flatmates you would kill for

6 flatmates you would kill for

Living with flatmates is not always easy but there are so many advantages that it is totally worth it! Even if we leave the lower rent and bills, the people you share your living space with can be a real fortune. Let’s take a look at 6 flatmates you would kill for:

  1. The Cook

The Cook is a flatmate you desperately need in your life. He/she knows how to cook everything from Thai salad to homemade sushi and gluten-free pizza. They know their way in the supermarket and are usually more than happy to be given a grocery list and a shopping cart so they can plan the weekly menu and get everything necessary while you leisurely watch TV. They are pretty much your missing better half!

  1. The Party Animal

The Party Animal is usually very easy to live with and cope with. He has no particular requirements or needs that cannot be met with the help of a glass of wine (or any other alcohol that is trending this season). A huge plus of the Party Animal is that he often takes you with him to all the new clubs and places you didn’t even know existed.

  1. The Foreigner

The Foreigner is a dream flatmate that is so awesome that it’s difficult to describe it with words. Wherever he comes from, he has plenty of funny and amazing stories to tell you about his homeland. They celebrate different holidays, have amazing traditions and sometimes a fascinating way of doing things differently than you. The result? A never-bored you that learns a new culture bit by bit (and bite by bite as your awesome foreigner flatmate prepares his fabulous traditional dishes and shares them with you).

  1. The IT guy

The IT guy is a blessing in any household. If you are lucky enough to live with an IT guy as your flatmate, your PC/tablet/smartphone problems must be a thing of the past! No more worries that there’s no Internet, slow connection, or virus in your mailbox. A strange message pops up on the screen? The IT guy will tell you what to do (sometimes without even taking a look at the faulty gadget)!

  1. The Gone-in-60-seconds guy

Have you seen the Gone-in-60-seconds guy? Probably not. It’s not that he doesn’t exist but he is so rarely seen around that you sometimes think you live all by yourself (at half the cost). Even if he is there (and you are sure because you heard him turn the key), he is nowhere to be seen or heard. Pretty much like the phantom of the opera.

  1. Mr. Fix it

Mr. Fix it is so valuable that you sometimes think it would be a good idea to pay his portion of the rent just so you are sure he never leaves. He is so handy (and has such an enviable plethora of tools) that you sometimes think he is a superhero or something. Electricity, leaks, fixes, fire-making all seem like a game to Mr. Fix it. Whatever the problem is, he will take out his hammers, nails, screws, and fasteners and he’ll take care of it. For free!