7 best ways to spend the holidays with a flatmate

7 best ways to spend the holidays with a flatmate

Spending the winter holidays with your flatmates can be great, especially if you plan things accordingly so that everyone gets to do the things they love and the festive atmosphere is always present in the air! But how to think of ways to spend the holidays with a flatmate (or more)? With our 7 creative ideas, all you have to do is take notes and spend the best holidays with the people you are sharing an apartment (or house) with:

  1. Enjoy a Christmas movie marathon together

Christmas time will not be the same without the classic Christmas films that flood the TV programs from Thanksgiving till St. Valentine’s Day… Take the lead and ask your flatmates to join you for a typical Christmas movie marathon with hot chocolate, ginger cookies, and everything. What a great way to spend some quality time with your flatmates and set everyone’s mood right for the upcoming holiday season!

  1. Decorate your rented space together

Decorating your rented space together with your flatmates is a perfect start of your holiday activities! You can go Christmas decorations shopping together or just mix and match what each one of you has already bought. Except for everyone’s personal space, be sure to decorate the common areas as well!

  1. Exchange gifts

What is Christmas without presents? A week or two before Christmas, gather together (around a plate of chocolate cookies, of course) and decide on the rules to follow regarding gift-exchanging. You can decide on a set budget per present or a theme around which all presents should be chosen. Or each person can make a list of 3 things they want to get this Christmas and each flatmate will be given another flatmate’s list to choose from.

  1. Go ice skating together

Every winter, most towns, and cities set up outdoor and indoor ice skating rinks for everybody to enjoy. Pick a day that’s convenient for everybody and go ice skating together. It will be a lot of fun, especially if you never forget that spending time together is cool regardless of whether you are an ice-skating prima or you spend most of the time with your but on the ice…

  1. Save a bottle of New Year champagne

Even if you don’t celebrate New Year together, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t toast each other when you all come back to your rented space after the New Year celebrations are over. Make a day of it and celebrate the beginning of the New Year in any way you feel like doing (either at home or in a shopping mall/cafe/restaurant you all enjoy going to).

  1. Make your flatmate New Year resolutions

Use the holiday season to come up with a list of New Year resolutions for flatmates! It may include your specific duties and responsibilities, plans on spending your free time together (for example, having a regular wine Wednesday evening, having coffee together every Saturday morning in your favorite coffee shop, etc.).

  1. Make plans for the future

Winter is generally more void of exciting outdoor activities (compared to spring and summer when the temperatures are higher and the days are longer) so use the cold winter days to make plans for the upcoming summer season. Plan a summer trip together or decide on new hiking routes to explore once the snow melts away. This will both bond you better and help you live through the cold winter days ahead!