7 birthday present ideas for your flatmate

7 birthday present ideas for your flatmate

Your flatmate’s birthday is just around the corner and you want to surprise them and get them a small birthday present that will show them you care about them. That’s great! Check out these awesome birthday present ideas for flatmates, choose your favorite and be ready to be labelled the most thoughtful flatmate:

1. A sleeved blanket (a snuggie)
The snuggie is among our top choices for birthday presents for a flatmate! It’s comfortable, it will be used almost on a daily basis, you can find it online for less than 10 euro, and it’s unisex… What more do you want of a flatmate birthday present?

2. A set of wine/whiskey glasses
Every flatmate deserves to have their favorite drink in style, including you and your flatmate. Get your flatmate a set of glasses for their favorite drink and, voila, you might as well have treated yourself as well! Now all you have to do is set a date for [insert your flatmate’s favorite drink here] testing and get the party started!

3. A key chain
What’s great about key chains is that they can be found in so many different styles that it’s almost impossible to not find one you are sure your flatmate will love. You can even get a matching key chain for yourself and strengthen your flatmate relationship!

4. A personalized mug
This is one of the most often bought flatmate presents and there’s a reason for that! You can choose a funny design or have something printed especially for your awesome flatmate and they will surely love it.

5. A custom t-shirt
Another popular choice for flatmate birthday presents, a personalized flatmate t-shirt can say so many things… From “World’s Greatest Roommate” and “Best Roommate Ever” to “Rock Star Roommate”, your options are practically endless!

6. A gift certificate
You may not be sure what exactly your flatmate would want for their birthday but you definitely know their favorite bookstore/restaurant/online shop. Use this knowledge as a weapon in your flatmate birthday present hunt and get them a gift certificate (or a coupon) for any of these places. They will be over the moon!

7. A DIY gift
There are so many awesome DIY gifts your flatmate would fall in love with that don’t even cost you anything to make! If you like DIY projects, try your hand at making something special for your flatmate that they will appreciate. Here are some ideas that might inspire you:

• scrabble coasters (just glue the letters onto a piece of cork board);
• a tea wreath (you’ll need cardboard, clothes pins, and, obviously, tea bags);
• balloon burst surprises (just fill the balloons with sweets, tea bags, funny notes, etc).