How to affordably tackle Stockholm as an expat

Stockholm bicycle

You might have found a job before moving to Stockholm, or you are in search of one or are here for your studies. Either way, you don’t want to fall into tourist traps and overpay for your stay here. So figuring out how to handle this city in an inexpensive way is a smart thing to start with when moving to Stockholm.

You want to explore the city in your free time and get your mind off of any homesick moments. Since Stockholm can be on the expensive side, it’s wise to quickly figure out how to affordably live your life here.

Co-working spots

You have work or studying to do and don’t want to work from home because of too many distractions? Look into co-working spots. There is an admission fee, but it gives you peace and quiet. And in many cases, an unlimited amount of tea, coffee, and snacks! It is definitely cheaper than renting an office. It also enables you to meet like-minded people, make friends and even get some connections for your business.

Sharing accommodation

This one might be pretty obvious, but your rent could be one of your biggest expenses in Stockholm. Find flatmates and cut your costs instead! You pay less for the rent and for all the related expenses. Above all, you make some new friends. And where to find an apartment AND flatmates in one place? Try HibiH.


Get a bicycle! If you don’t want to buy your own, register for the rental city bikes. It’s useful, it gets you everywhere, and you will never have just missed it. And you surely won’t have to wait for the next one. Maintenance is affordable, you don’t have to search for a parking spot, let alone pay for it!

It is one of the most used transportation options in Stockholm for a reason! It’s cheap, it’s green, and it makes you exercise. As you probably know, bicycles run on fat and save you money, while cars run on money and make you fat.

And for those odd days, when it’s too cold for your taste or you just don’t feel like riding a bike, you can always use the subway. It’s clean, fast and convenient. If you want to use it the whole day buy a daily pass, though. The single tickets are too expensive.


If you want to see all the popular spots at once and get that behind you, getting a Stockholm card will really save you some of your daily budget. It gets you entry into many museums and buildings. Public transportation is also included! It might seem expensive at first, but if you plan on visiting many of the spots in town, it will definitely be worth it.

If you’ve moved to Stockholm for a longer time and are planning on having visitors stop by, you might want to plan long term visits around the city. This way, you won’t spend so much money on entry fees in the first weeks here. And once you have visitors, you can join them around the sights without feeling bored (for it being your 10th time in the modern art museum).


Go to different stores and markets to see what they offer. Compare prices to see which one is the cheapest and most convenient for you.

When dining out stay away from big busy streets. Places like Gamla Stan for example. It is beautiful for having a stroll and taking photos, but not so much for cheap eats.


As for drinks, the prices are quite high so your best shot (pun totally intended) is to make some local friends and let them introduce you to the best happy hours in town. Oh, and practice saying “Skål” (it’s the Swedish for “Cheers”).

You could use this as an excuse to make a trip to a neighboring country, where alcoholic beverages are cheaper. So, everywhere but Norway. Or, actually, DO go to Norway – beer will seem quite affordable in Sweden after that trip!