The best flatmate-friendly meals you’ll ever find

The best flatmate-friendly meals you'll ever find

Sharing your food with your flatmates is a great way to socialize with them and spend some quality time together. We have already discussed the power food has on your flatmate relationships so we won’t get into that now. Today, I want to give you some ideas for flatmate-friendly meals that are easy to prepare (OK, who am I kidding, order as takeaways). Grab your recipe book (or your phone) and drool away:


Hello, if that’s not the queen of flatmate-friendly foods, I don’t know what is… It is equally easy to make and to order. Besides, it comes in the perfect shape for equal distribution among everybody! What’s more, it’s a universal food, so there is really almost no chance somebody will not like it. It is also budget-friendly and, inarguably, the best companion a beer can have.


These Mexican wraps of meaty goodness can make even a person on a full stomach grab one and shove it down their throat. In fact, burritos are so delicious, I think they will soon be declared illegal. Until that time comes, make it a weekly habit to order or prepare burritos, and enjoy them with your flatmates (to the last Mexican-flavored bite).


As a fervent fan of sushi I genuinely despise everyone who doesn’t enjoy it (not that I show it in public). I mean, how can you possibly not like sushi? It’s like someone tells me they don’t like chocolate brownies… But I digress. A sushi set is the perfect way to gather your flatmates around the table and spend a nice evening together, enjoying the most divine of the most divine foods ever. Again, as with pizza and burritos, sushi can be ordered in such a quantity that everyone will enjoy the same amount of raw fish, rice, and nori rolled perfection.

Chinese food

Chinese food comes in all shapes and sizes to satisfy even the craziest taste. It’s incredibly delicious, it’s relatively cheap, it comes in big quantities, and everybody loves it! Besides, it is very nutritious, which means that nobody will go to bed on an empty stomach after dinner. Oh, and the small bite pieces are, you guessed it right, easily shareable!


OK, for those of you who can boil water, a simple spaghetti recipe can turn what looks like a boring evening into a wine-powered flatmate culinary fiasco your tummies will remember for a long time. Preparing spaghetti at home is relatively easy and, what’s even better, the cooking rarely takes more than 30 minutes. The result: impressed flatmates (with your culinary skills) and a happier flat-shared household!


Another super fast and super easy to prepare meal is the classical egg omelet. You can simply hunt the fridge for some cheese or salami leftovers to put in there and proclaim yourself the egg master of the flat! This is another inexpensive option for all of you to share a tasty meal together and have a good laugh at the next ridiculous Kim-related thing trending online.