How to find a flatmate

How to find a flatmateFinding the perfect flatmate is a bit like finding your soul mate. This will be somebody who will share not only your flat but your personal life as well. All your successes, failures, your happy days, and your not so happy days – your flatmate will witness all of that, so when looking for the perfect flatmate, you should take into consideration some key things like:       The perfect ad The correct approach to finding the perfect flatmate is crucial for the positive outcome of this process. Treat this the way you would if you were hiring someone to do a very important job. Create a list with all the requirements you have and make sure to be explicit about them in the ad you will post. Will you accept a flatmate with a pet? A smoker? A party person who likes having guests all the time? These are just some of the questions to ask yourself when creating your ad. The professional interview So, you have shortlisted some candidates who are willing to share your space and your personal life. Now is the time to approach the interview with professionalism and create a questionnaire that will help you select the person you’ll feel most comfortable living with. What we recommend, though, is to not just ask the questions from your questionnaire and tick the “right” answers, but rather use it as a conversation starter to see if the person in front of you is someone you would like spending time with (as this will inevitably happen after they move in with you). Look for signs that you can get along together and watch for red flags as well! The trial period It’s a wise move to ask the person you have chosen to move in with you for a couple of days (up to a week) to see how you both get along. This trial period will either make your flatmate relationship work or open your eyes for things you wouldn’t want to put up with in case the person moves in for a longer period of time. Be open and offer this trial period, explaining what you expect it to show and make sure you also act as usual during this time so that the other person draws a realistic picture of living with you as well. The written contract Unless you are renting your space to a close friend, it’s always a good idea to sketch out the important points and have them in writing before you give the keys to your flat to a complete stranger. Some good topics to cover there are the price, the renting period, the payment date and method, basic rights and obligations (for both parties), etc. The 6th sense No matter how brilliant your future flatmate’s answers are, no matter how appropriate they seem on paper, always trust your guts. Do you feel comfortable around this person? Do they make you feel “at home”? Do you like the way they act, talk, behave, even smell? All these are things you will have to put up with every day, so trust your instinct and go for the person you feel best with!

How does Hibih work?

How does Hibih workHibih is a place where people can easily establish a fast, practical and confident contact between the owner, who is offering his accommodation, and the person, who is looking to rent it. Process The process is easy, fast, and secure. Just sing up with one click and avail of the numerous features on the site: direct matching of fitting flatmates, a fast on-site chat, a mobile app to go, an intelligent search agent, an easy to use map search, and so much more! Profiles Creating and filling your profile will enable our system to directly match fitting flatmates, while securing your personal information as contact info is shown only to flatmates you choose. The user profiles are verified with Facebook, guaranteeing you that there are real people behind each profile. Listings You have a flat you want to list? Listing your property is a simplified process through which you are guided in order to make your unique property shine. Important details like location, property type, availability, etc are included so that people can easily find what they are looking for. You want to rent a flat? There is an intelligent search agent that will help you in your search for the perfect flat. You can also refine your search by price range and different amenities like Electricity, Laundry room, Bathtub, Insurance, Own washing machine, Internet, Heating, Lift, Newly Built, Parking lot/garage, Storeroom, TV, Fireplace, Child-friendly, Senior housing, Balcony/terrace, Pets allowed, Dishwasher, Adapted for disabled, Party friendly, Own Entrance, Non-smoking, Air-conditioning, Common kitchen, etc. On-site chat Here, at Hibih, we know how important communication is when it comes to housing/finding flatmates. That’s why we have created an on-site chat, where future flatmates can meet online, discuss, share, etc. This special online place is where you will stay connected, share your stories, or give advice. Mobile app We know that, as a contemporary person, you are always on the go and need your services to work for you wherever you are instead of the other way round. That’s why you can avail of our FREE mobile app that will make sure you are always in step with the property you’ve listed or the properties you want to rent. Services With us flat sharing is not just easy, it’s secure as well. We have taken care of everything – from disclosing your contact info only to the flatmates you choose, to verifying all profiles with Facebook and using an on-site chat, you can feel safe and enjoy our high quality services! Customer Support We are here for you on every step of the process! You can check our FAQ section for answers of the most frequently asked questions, but also feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly answer any question you may have!

Welcome to Hibih!

Untitled-1Are you looking for a place to stay in while in Stockholm? Do you want the process to be simple and easy, and the result to be cheap, practical, social, and ecological? You’ve come to the right place! Moving to a big city is always a big step. We know the problems and complications that derive from such a step and we’re here to help you! Here, at Hibih, we’ll assist you in overcoming the difficulties that accompany renting a place for a longer period of time. We’ll make it easier for you to find information, get answers to your questions, get in contact with local people, etc… The idea of CO-sharing is not new. People have been choosing this cheaper and more practical option for many years now. CO-sharing is easy and environmentally friendly. It helps you socialize and get valuable experience while saving you money and stress! Our dream is to give more chances to foreigners to find places to stay in and stimulate people to share more their houses or flats and make the communication easier through building trust and responsibility. Our great project was launched in November 2014 and is developed in collaboration with 3 partners – TCP Global, Cecilia Wanhainen, and Mathias Monarque. Our mission is to establish a fast, easy, practical and confident contact between owners offering their accommodation people looking to rent them. Let us help you feel welcome in your new home!