Celebrating Christmas with flatmates

Shot of happy friends enjoying holidays. Selective focus, toned image,ambiental light.

Are you going to spend Christmas this year in the company of the people you co-share your living space with? Whatever the reason for being with your flatmates over Christmas is, you want to make it a cozy memorable one. At the end of the day these are the people you are spending the rest of the year in your rented accommodation with, so it should be a fun, relaxing and bonding experience. We have gathered a few ideas for activities to help you have an exciting Christmas with your flatmates and create memories that last a lifetime.




Let’s face it, there is no Christmas without glitter and star shapes in your apartment. And decorating that living room that you all share is a great way of spending an afternoon with your flatmates. It gives you a chance to see what they like and have a bonding experience by talking about your childhood Christmas memories. You can either go ornament shopping to IKEA together or make origami decorations and spike up that Christmas vibe in your living room.


Gift exchange


Christmas is about sharing memories, tasty food and last but surely not least – presents! So do not forget to get something for your flatmates – whether you make it yourself or go (last minute) Christmas shopping, try to think of a personal gift that will remind your flatmates of you and put a smile on their faces when they see it.

Depending on the number of flatmates consider doing a Secret Santa event. You can either write everyone’s names and draw them from a box or use one of the many Secret Santa online tools to choose the names for you and send the dedicated name to your inbox. This way, you only have to focus on one present, which gives you the chance to really choose something great and it gives the whole experience a spark of surprise.

You could also decide on giving each other presents that you can all make use of. The neat freak gets a vacuum machine, the food lover a mixer and the health enthusiast a smoothie maker. This way you all pitch in on what is essentially common interest – since you will all be using the gifts in the end anyways.




You could be lucky and have a flatmate who loves to cook, in which case let them do the magic in the kitchen, but make sure to clean up the mess in order to avoid any flatmate fall outs!

And if there are no cooks in your adopted flat-sharing family, there is always delivery. Choose what you like, order and let others do the dirty work. If you are in lack of ideas about what to order, here are some flatmate-friendly meal ideas.


Mulled wine


Christmas just smells better over some mulled wine. And so does that delivery dinner. And apart from making you feel warm and cozy, it also makes the evening more fun. So do not forget to stock up on a few bottles of wine, cinnamon, cloves and sugar and creating the drink, which embodies Christmas spirit.


Board games


Board games are always fun, but even more so after you have had an amazing dinner and are sipping on some homemade mulled wine. There are quite a few Christmas edition board games out there as well. So, if you are a board game freak, you probably would not mind spending some money on a special edition Monopoly. You might even get it as a Christmas present from one of your flatmates.

But if you do not want to spend money, any Scrabble, Uno or video game you have lying around will take care of a fun night with your flatmates.


New Year’s resolution


Since you are spending Christmas with your cohabitants, this is the perfect opportunity to write down your common plans for the New Year – regarding your apartment, that is. You can create a chore chart, so everyone is in the clear about when it is their turn to do the dishes or scrub the toilet.

If you were bothered by something in the past year, you could set future rules about that. Just make sure to address it in a nice way – you do not want to get into an argument on Christmas!

You could make this into a fun game as well. Everyone writes down propositions about what could be improved in your apartment, put them in a bag and then drag them out of the box and read them out loud. This way nobody gets blamed for proposing something. For an extra touch, have a sip of the mulled wine for agreement and two for disagreement. Impromptu Christmas drinking game.