Christmas traditions to do with your flatmates


Christmas traditions to do with your flatmates

Spending Christmas with your flatmates is the perfect opportunity to bond with your away-from-home-family. Make it a quirky Christmas by creating new traditions with your flat sharing friends! Here are some customs, which could help you enjoy this holiday in your rented home even more:


Christmas clean-up


This is a good excuse for everyone to put on their working clothes, roll up their sleeves and do a big clean-up of your co-sharing space. You want to spend an enjoyable holiday in a clean apartment and have a clean leap into the New Year as well, right? Plan it ahead, so everyone shares the load equally. Once you are done, you will feel like you have really deserved that Christmas dinner and presents. It is also a great cue for the following tradition:


Christmas giveaway


You will make your home feel cleaner, less cluttered AND make someone happy by simply putting together everything you and your flatmates have not been using in the past year. This includes all those clothes you have not worn, toasters you accidentally all bought (even though you only needed one) or the abundant Tupperware. Put it all in a pile, make sure you all agree on not needing it anymore and take it to your favorite charity or shelter, where you know it will end up in hands that need it.


You could put home-made food or baked goods in the Tupperware or fill up handbags you do not need any more with warm socks and some basic essentials like toothbrush and toothpaste, then go for a walk with your flatmates and give them to the homeless in your neighborhood.




Baking and Christmas go hand in hand and making gingerbread houses, raw peanut and oatmeal cookies or simple sugar cookies and decorating them with frosting together with your flatmates will make for a fun traditional activity. If you feel like doing Christmas the Japanese way, make a sponge cake with cream and decorate it with strawberries. Fun and simple.


Christmas spirited beverages


There is quite a selection of delicious drinks associated with Christmas and they are even more fun to have if you have made them yourself. Have some flatmate-fun in the kitchen by creating your special mulled wine, eggnog or punch. It will surely make for a lovely Christmas tradition to be repeated. And, well, if you do not feel like making a mess in the kitchen, you can always buy ready-made eggnog, a bottle of wine or have some palm wine like they do in Nigeria.




After you have had some food and drinks, you will feel overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit and singing Christmas carols could seem like the best next step. Instead of going door to door, though, why not spicing up the holiday with some karaoke fun? Search for karaoke Christmas carol songs online or (if you are lucky enough to own a Play Station), you can even make a Christmas carol singing competition with your flatmates!


Movie marathon     


You might have seen them all, but there is just something about Christmas that makes you want to sit through all the Home Alone movies after you have had a delicious dinner and are out of your voice thanks to karaoke.

There are some irresistible Christmas classics out there – if you have a hard time deciding on one, do a round of rock-paper-scissors with your flatmates or write down some movie titles and draw them one after another until you have watched so many that you fall asleep on the couch in front of the TV.