How to easily get a spring vibe in your apartment

Spring vibe in your apartment

The winter is slowly retracting and we can already smell tiny signs of spring in the air. It’s starting to give us a fresh blast of energy that we only get this time of year. What better time to freshen up and give a spring vibe to your rented apartment as well! And get rid of whatever is starting to look too “let’s snuggle under the blanket and wait for spring”. Because the waiting time is finally over!

So here are 5 easy tips for upgrading your rented apartment from winter to springtime:


Fresh air

With the cozier temperatures, you can again afford to leave the windows open for longer (you know, without freezing and all), so make use of that.

With the first rays of warm spring sunshine, open all the windows and let fresh spring air in to clear your apartment. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, put the pillows and mattresses out there and let them breathe in the fresh air.

Just make sure to turn off the heating, so you don’t waste any energy.


Spring cleaning

You’ve been collecting dust inside during the cold months? Well, the spring energy boost is perfect to use for a good springtime clean-up! If you’re living with flatmates, this is the perfect opportunity for a little community event. Everyone grabs a mop and cleans up a room of their choice.

And the best part – you can all have a drink afterward to reward yourselves for the good work! And if you would like to do this, but don’t have any flatmates yet – Hibih is the perfect place to find them!



Spring cleaning is also the perfect opportunity for you and your flatmates to declutter the apartment. Take everything out of the closets and make a pile of things you’ve been holding onto, but haven’t been using. Then either sell them or give them to someone who could use them. You will have more space and will have made some money or made someone happy with it!



You’ve got the energy and spring is the perfect time to redecorate your apartment. If your landlord allows it, you can give your walls a fresh coat of paint. If big changes are not allowed, you can always move around the furniture and upcycle that old sofa by putting a new blanket over it. Or make some new curtains for your windows. A fresh look to your apartment will certainly give you an extra energy boost!



A great idea for brightening up your apartment is growing some plants! It might be hard at first, but the internet is full of useful tips on home gardening. This is perfect if you have a balcony (let alone a garden, of course). But you can grow many things on your window sill as well. Obviously many plants prefer to grow in sunny areas so your apartment’s sun exposure could help a lot in how successful your home garden gets.

But nevertheless, give it a try. It’s fun and it could give you some home grown cherry tomatoes, basil or rosemary in a few months. And not only are these things tasty, they also bring vibrant colors to your home! When acquiring seeds, find out what color the plants get. This way you can choose plants that go together well. And are easy to maintain, of course.

If you are not all that into a long-term relationship with plants, then at least stop by the local market and buy a nice bouquet of spring flowers to put on your coffee table or window sill.