How does Hibih work?

How does Hibih workHibih is a place where people can easily establish a fast, practical and confident contact between the owner, who is offering his accommodation, and the person, who is looking to rent it. Process The process is easy, fast, and secure. Just sing up with one click and avail of the numerous features on the site: direct matching of fitting flatmates, a fast on-site chat, a mobile app to go, an intelligent search agent, an easy to use map search, and so much more! Profiles Creating and filling your profile will enable our system to directly match fitting flatmates, while securing your personal information as contact info is shown only to flatmates you choose. The user profiles are verified with Facebook, guaranteeing you that there are real people behind each profile. Listings You have a flat you want to list? Listing your property is a simplified process through which you are guided in order to make your unique property shine. Important details like location, property type, availability, etc are included so that people can easily find what they are looking for. You want to rent a flat? There is an intelligent search agent that will help you in your search for the perfect flat. You can also refine your search by price range and different amenities like Electricity, Laundry room, Bathtub, Insurance, Own washing machine, Internet, Heating, Lift, Newly Built, Parking lot/garage, Storeroom, TV, Fireplace, Child-friendly, Senior housing, Balcony/terrace, Pets allowed, Dishwasher, Adapted for disabled, Party friendly, Own Entrance, Non-smoking, Air-conditioning, Common kitchen, etc. On-site chat Here, at Hibih, we know how important communication is when it comes to housing/finding flatmates. That’s why we have created an on-site chat, where future flatmates can meet online, discuss, share, etc. This special online place is where you will stay connected, share your stories, or give advice. Mobile app We know that, as a contemporary person, you are always on the go and need your services to work for you wherever you are instead of the other way round. That’s why you can avail of our FREE mobile app that will make sure you are always in step with the property you’ve listed or the properties you want to rent. Services With us flat sharing is not just easy, it’s secure as well. We have taken care of everything – from disclosing your contact info only to the flatmates you choose, to verifying all profiles with Facebook and using an on-site chat, you can feel safe and enjoy our high quality services! Customer Support We are here for you on every step of the process! You can check our FAQ section for answers of the most frequently asked questions, but also feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly answer any question you may have!