How to be the best flatmate? 5 simple flatmate rules to followHow to be the best flatmate? 5 simple flatmate rules to follow

How to be the best flatmate? 5 simple flatmate rules to follow

The flatmate rules, whether in written or verbal form, are very important for all people who want to live in peace and harmony with their flatmates. It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned renter who has vast experience living with roommates and flatmates or you are new to the whole flatmate situation. If you follow these 5 simple flatmate rules, you’ll soon be declared the best flatmate ever:

1. Always clean after yourself
Have you just finished cooking a 3-course menu with a plan to enjoy every bite of it? Great! But first, you will have to do the dishes and leave the kitchen in the condition you found it in. There is a tricky part to this rule, though, as some people believe that cleaning after their flatmates is also a part of the deal. It isn’t. You shouldn’t feel obliged to clean somebody else’s mess just because you are sharing a flat. Unless you want to be the one cleaning after others till the end of your stay there!

2. Be polite and friendly with your flatmates
Just like when you are occupying the same office space with other co-workers, living with other flatmates calls for some socializing. While it is not advisable to be over-friendly all the time and demanding to be everyone’s best friend forever, letting your flatmates know you are OK with hanging around with them can win you new friends and new opportunities to feel even more comfortable at home!

3. Respect other people’s privacy
No matter how good friends you’ve become with your flatmate(s), always respect their privacy and personal space. If you want to socialize, you can choose the common rooms for doing it or you can leave the door to your room open as an invite for a chat with your flatmate. If their door is closed, though, don’t be pushy and just accept that everybody needs their personal space, including you!

4. When in doubt, put yourself in your flatmate’s shoes
Learning to live with a flatmate is not easy, and, even if it comes naturally to you, there will still be a lot of situations in which you will not be sure how to react or what to do (at least in the beginning). Our best advice in such situations is to simply follow the so-called “Golden Rule”: before you take action, stop for a minute and think about how you would feel if your flatmate did it.

5. Don’t gossip about your flatmate(s)
Gossiping is a very bad habit that’s equally disgusting whether your target is a friend, an acquaintance or your flatmate. Living with other people surely gets you a lot of instances for strange behavior or habits you may find funny, but this does not mean you should gossip about it. So, just don’t.