How to make the most of your apartment in summer


Apartment in summer

The summer is officially here! The days are longer and staying outside is more fun and enjoyable. You’ve probably been out upgrading your summer wardrobe. Now it’s time to freshen up your apartment as well. Open the windows, pimp up that sofa and bring in the summer vibes!

You know you’re going to love waking up in your summer sheets. Here are a few tips on what you can do around your apartment in summer to help you enjoy the summer even more!


Bug repellent

One thing you want to keep out of your apartment are bugs. Install nets on windows, over your bed and place some natural bug repellents around the house. Use old stockings and wrap cinnamon and cloves inside. Dried lavender will not only smell nice, the purple shades will look beautiful on your window sill as well. And it will keep the bugs away!

If you feel like having a little herb garden, these long days are the time to start creating it. It will not only be useful in the kitchen, it will help against bugs as well. Plant rosemary, mint, lemongrass or basil.  They look, taste and smell great. To you, not the bugs!



Summer is great for saving some money as well. You don’t need any heating and thanks to the long days you don’t need as much electricity either. You do have to be careful with the A/C and fans, though. Don’t leave it on when you leave the house. Only use it when really necessary and in the room you are using at a given moment. This way less energy gets wasted. And definitely do not use A/C with windows open. You can however cool the apartment down naturally by opening all the windows.


Pimp up your apartment by using bright and light colors. Sheets, table runners and cushions should make you think summertime when you look at them.

It’s also the time to decorate your balcony and make it really enjoyable for coffee in the morning sun or a glass of wine in the evening!



If there’s anything broken or needs replacement in the apartment, this is the time to fix it! Make a list of everything and let your landlord know.

If any big renovations are due, you can let the workers in and you can pack your bags and go on vacation or crash at a friend’s place. Much easier moving around in nice weather with a bag of summer clothes than in winter!

Also, if there are any heavy paints or polishes used in the renovation process, you can just leave the windows open for a long time to let the bad smells out!


Social gatherings

Summer is one of the best times to have parties on the balcony or at least with windows open and fresh air breezing through. Decorate the apartment with lights, make some cocktails with your flatmates, invite friends over and dance the summer evenings away!