Living as an expat in Stockholm – your questions answered

Living as an expat in Stockholm - your questions answered

Stockholm is one of Europe’s most preferred destinations for expats as it offers unique opportunities to work and live in the capital of Scandinavia. Here, expats enjoy a mix of nightlife, culture, and outdoor activities that any European capital can be jealous of.

If you are still considering moving to Stockholm as an expat, read through the most common questions expats have before taking this step and find the answers here:

Question: Do I have to learn the language?
The short answer is yes. The long answer is that you don’t need it to live there but you will need it to work there and, most importantly, to more easily get acquainted with the lifestyle and sooner start feeling less like a tourist. Besides, if you’ve already decided to call a whole new country your home, you should at least make some efforts to learn your new “local” language, right?

Question: Will I easily find new friends in Stockholm?
Of course, you will! There’s a thriving international community in Stockholm, so you will soon find a lot of fellow expats to talk to and spend your spare time with. Mind, though, that the locals are not so friendly towards strangers coming from another country (and not speaking their language), so it will take some time to make friends with Swedes as an expat in Stockholm.

Question: Do I have to learn how to ride a bike?
In case you haven’t, it is time to start taking bike riding lessons right now! Stockholm is famous as the city of the bike-riding lovers, so this skill is going to come in really handy for you as an expat living there.

Question: Will I have difficulties finding a flat to rent?
You should be prepared that finding a home in Stockholm is harder than you’ve ever thought. The Swedish renting system is extremely complicated and most of the expats find the whole renting experience rather frustrating. We have good news for you, though! With Hibih, finding a home as an expat in Stockholm is quick and easy – just visit Hibih and find your new home in no time!

Will I be able to keep a good work-life balance?
With about five weeks of vacation a year plus a lot of public national holidays, finding the perfect balance between your work and personal life should be easy. In Stockholm, you will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities with your friends and family!