Jumping into the New Year with flatmates

New Year's with flatmates

To round up the holiday month here is the New Year’s Eve finale. Another good reason to throw a party with your flatmates. As much as going out on the town can be fun, let’s admit it – it is cold, crowded and getting a cab? Really not worth the fuss. So spending this evening in the comfort of your cozy rented apartment and lovely flatmates actually is the best thing you can do! And there are so many fun things you can do with your flatmate friends on New Year’s Eve as well:


A walk down the memory lane


Look for this year’s photos you have taken with your flatmates – especially if they were taken in the apartment – and make a creative year’s throwback with them. You can make a collage, a pin board or a picture clothesline. It will be a great decorative item and it will put a smile on your face every time you pass by it in the hallway or living room.


Fun food


You have to eat and choosing party food for New Year’s will make the gourmet experience a fun experience. Try something all the co-habitants can enjoy from the same plate – like fondue, houmous or pizza – easy to make (read: order in) and not too messy.


Sparkling wine


No other drink screams »New Year’s!« as much as sparkling wine does. Make sure you stock up on it for the countdown – the pop of that cork makes everyone know you have entered the New Year.

And as for the pre-midnight drinks – how do sparkling wine cocktails sound? Who doesn’t like a Mimosa or a Kir Royal on New Year’s Eve? And if there is anything left – Mimosas are always a good idea for a nice Sunday flatmate breakfast!


Time capsule


Write down New Year’s resolutions – your personal and the common flatmate ones – and put them in a box. Make little presents for each other or (preferably) using your instacam take some photos at your flatmate party and add those to the box. Hide the box in a closet and voila! A fun box to open at your next year’s New Year’s party is ready! Next year you can check how many of the resolutions you have accomplished throughout the year! And hopefully, laugh about the procrastinated ones.




Put on funny hats, get the cameras and champagne glasses ready and switch on your local TV channel. Even if you do not feel like being squished in the downtown crowd, counting down while listening to New Year bells broadcasted from Skansen and watching the midnight fireworks will give anyone goosebumps – the good kind that you only get when spending New Year’s Eve with your friends. It is a sign of entering a new era of creating wonderful new memories with your flat-sharing family.