Spring maintenance tips for your rented accommodation

Spring maintenance tips

Keeping your rented apartment well maintained will not only make you feel good but will also ensure you get the deposit back once you move out. And if you’re living with flatmates, it’s even more important to keep things organized.

It is wise to do a deep clean and maintenance check-up at least once a year. And what better time to do it than spring! Nature is cleaning up the winter debris and you should do the same in your rented accommodation. There are a few things we choose to forget during the usual house cleaning. Below are some tips on what you can fix around your home to maintain a clean and fresh appearance of your apartment throughout the year.


Furniture & fixtures

If you’re renting a furnished apartment, check all the furniture and report whatever needs fixing to your landlord. Same goes for any fixtures that need to be repaired. Whether a sink is leaking or the AC is not working properly, write it down and send an e-mail to the landlord. If you report on everything broken in the house and ensure regular maintenance, you should be able to get all the deposit back in the end.


Fridge cleaning

This is really important especially if you’re co-sharing your home. There’s always a yogurt in there that someone has forgotten to eat and is way past the expiration date. Some flatmates tend to cook too much food and then leave it in a Tupperware, because “they’ll eat it tomorrow”. Which just makes you wonder, which tomorrow they mean exactly?

These kind of items are simply spreading bacteria in your fridge, taking the space away for fresh produce and endangering your other food items. Take everything out, give the fridge a good clean and keep the items that are still edible. Compost the rest.

While at it, do the same with cupboards. You don’t want bugs flying out of your flour the next time you start making pancakes for breakfast.


Storage space

If you have access to a basement, a garage or other storage room, take out all the things you’ve been piling up in there. Clean it up and decide what you need and what not.

Organize the space to create more storage room. You can reuse old shelves from the living room to use as extra storage.

The same goes for closets and bookshelves. Take everything out, dust it off and decide on what you want to keep. Sell or give away the items, clothes, and books you have not been using.


Safety first

Deep cleaning of the apartment is also a good time to check on your safety gear. Replenish your first aid kit, check where the fire extinguisher is and have a quick refresher on first aid and the use of the fire extinguisher. You never know when this knowledge might come in handy!

If you have a smoke detector, make sure the batteries are still working.



If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, clean it up. Take away all the winter debris, put a table and a bench out there along with some cushions to make spring mornings enjoyable over some morning coffee with the sunrise. You might want to confirm that there aren’t any bird’s nests hiding in some corner! Unless you want little pigeons joining you for coffee, that is.

If you don’t have an outside area, then create a dining area, which will make for relaxing spring mornings and summer eves by an open window over a cup of tea or glass of wine!