Stockholm expats – tips and tricks for moving as an expat

Stockholm expats – tips and tricks for moving as an expat


Living as an expat is not easy. Regardless of the new country you’ve decided to live in, there are always the same stages you have to go through – the culture shock, the time difference, the different pace of life, etc. If you are an expat planning to move to Stockholm, the following tips and tricks will immensely help you go through the different stages of adaptation more easily and pain-free:

Be prepared to embrace the new culture
Sweden is a country with a long history and a rich culture. If you are moving to Sweden from overseas (which is often the case), you should be prepared for a culture shock. The sooner you learn to embrace your new way of life, the better. Remember that Stockholm has innumerable hidden beauties to show you, but you will have to open your eyes (and your heart) for them!

Learn to ride a bike
In Stockholm, you’ll need this skill almost as much as you need air to breathe. One of the few bike-riding lovers, Swedish people (especially those living in Stockholm) ride a bike on a daily basis. In fact, chances are you are going to start riding a bike as an expat in Stockholm way before you start driving a car, so a bike-riding practice will be more useful than getting a Swedish driver’s license.

Finding a home in Stockholm is more difficult than you’ve imagined
You’d better be prepared for difficulties finding a place to rent as an expat. With the complicated Swedish renting system, it’s no surprise that a lot of expats find themselves confused and losing faith in finding a place to stay while in Stockholm. Luckily, there are online services like Hibih that can immensely help you in your search for an apartment to rent as an expat in Stockholm!

Swedish is not an easy language, so you’d better start learning it today
English will help you get around as more than half the population of Sweden speaks it. But this doesn’t mean learning Swedish will be a waste of time! On the contrary, learning the local language will open many doors for you in Stockholm. It may take some time to learn it, but the good news is there are many state-subsidized Swedish-learning courses that can be taken either for free or at a really low cost.

Be prepared to fall in love with Swedish people
One thing most expats are surprised by when first getting to know the local culture is the friendliness and kindness of local people. A truly pleasant surprise, Swedish calmness and tolerance, as well as their relaxed way of living will all add up to the ease with which you will adapt to the Swedish way of life. You will be amazed by the simplicity of life that Swedish people have mastered!