Stockholm’s current rental situation – 4 problems with 1 solution

Stockholm's current rental situation - 4 problems with 1 solution


In a recent article on Stockholm’s current rental situation, published on BBC’s website, The city with 20-year waiting lists for rental homes, Maddy Savage discusses some of the current problems expats and other Stockholm renters experience in their quest for a place to rent. Here are the basic problems the article highlights:

Problem #1 Stockholm is the expats’ Heaven on earth
This first problem is not a problem per se. The fact that Stockholm is on the top of the list of most desirable cities to live in as an expat would be a good thing if only their rental system was not a total disaster. Especially for expats.

Problem #2 You have to wait for ages (literally) to get a rent-controlled property
The ridiculous queuing system simply doesn’t work and the worst thing is that nobody admits it. In fact, it is so long that it’s being considered by the Guinness Book of World Records! Nine years, on average, will take you to get hold of a rent-controlled property and the number can be doubled or even tripled if you have preferences for a popular neighborhood.

Problem #3 It’s incredibly difficult to find a room in a shared flat
Many expats are looking to rent a single room in Stockholm and they all struggle to find such rental solutions to their needs as Sweden “boasts about” a higher proportion of single-person properties than almost any other European country.

Problem #4 Stockholm is Europe’s fastest-growing capital
This is another fact that wouldn’t be a problem on its own. Unfortunately, the government fails to provide enough homes both for its growing number of residents (thanks to high birth rates) and for its record-reaching number of immigrants.

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