Summer activities to do with your flatmates

Summer activities

Having flat mates is not only a cost efficient way of living. If you’re an expat it can be a great way of making friends as well. You can go out and about the city you live in or have some fun together in your rented accommodation! With the summer right at our doorstep, here’s a list of summer activities that you could do with your flat mates in the summer. Whether indoors or outdoors, there’s always many fun things to do in the summer months!




You could plan a trip you’d like to take with your flat mates. Whether it’s exploring the city you live in, going for brunch somewhere or doing a weekend getaway. How does going to Mallorca with a budget airline sound? This is especially doable in the summer months! Lighter clothes means less baggage allowance!;)



Cocktail night


If you’re looking for a fun night out without having to leave your house, how about trying out a bunch of refreshing summer inspired cocktails at home? Get the shaker, mixers and garnish, and write down a list of cocktails on some paper. Pick one at a time and do your best in mixing and trying.

You could even do a competition. Have two flat mates compete which one finishes a given cocktail faster! The winner of the eve could get a month off of cleaning the apartment, maybe? Or a more practical award you all agree on.


Outdoor activities

Summer is the time to leave the apartment (as cozy as it might be) and take part in some fun outdoor activities. Go to the pool, for a jog around the city or a simple stroll for a drink at a waterfront bar. Whatever it is, make the best use of the warm weather!



Whether you have a balcony, a garden or just some window sills, plants always make a good impression in a room. Especially in the warmer months when you can keep the windows open more often. It definitely brings a fresher look to a room. Deciding on which plants you want to keep is a fun task to do with your flat mates. Getting your hands dirty and planting those seeds maybe not so much. It will give you a special sense of achievement. And it will make your BBQ event look even cooler when you use herbs from your home garden. Or make a salad with those cherry tomatoes you planted with your flat mates.


Rearrange the flat


Every now and then it feels good to rearrange a room. The beginning of summer is the perfect timing for that. Pick a room to rearrange with your flatmates. Choose the kitchen, living room or a shared bathroom to work on. Maybe even take a trip to IKEA beforehand and get some brighter colored and light textiles to make the chosen room feel homier and fresher. You will have more enjoyable time hanging out together in a room that you have decorated together!