7 renter-friendly decorating ideas

7 renter-friendly decorating ideas


Living as a renter does not necessarily mean having to put up with dull living space lacking character and your personal touch. There are plenty of things you can do to decorate your rented space without worrying about losing your security deposit!

Here’s our top 7 of renter-friendly decorating ideas:

1. Colorful pillows
Decorative pillows can be found in almost any department store. Their price is not high and the diversity of colors and patterns they are offered in will guarantee you the perfect match between the furniture that’s already in your rented space and your preferred design style.

2. A cute cocktail cart on wheels
Not many home accents can shout “I am fun to hang out with” like a beverage cart. You can either buy it or make it yourself. Paint it in the color you want and, most importantly, stock it with your favorite spirits. Homemade Margaritas, anyone?

3. Herbs in a pot
Accessorize the kitchen in your rented apartment with planted herbs. This way it will not only look better but smell better as well! Potted plants are a great way to add a personal touch to any living space and herbs in a pot are the best choice for your kitchen.

4. A vintage rug
You can find one online or at a local thrift shop. Vintage rugs come in all sizes and colors and are usually so full of energy and bright colors! Choose one that best suits your style and take it home. Then put it on different spots until you find the best – it can be anywhere (from your terrace to the bathroom, the living room or even the corridor)!

5. Storage space
Again, you can DIY, buy it second-hand or go to the closest store to get one. Think carefully about all the stuff that’s still stored in boxes and find the best way to unpack it and store it in a much more pleasant place to look at than a carton box.

6. Accessories
Are you a fan of kitten-face clocks or porcelain elephants? It doesn’t matter! Any accessory that you already own or have been given (and you like) should be proudly displayed in your rental space. Nothing gives you the sense of home and personal space like these little accents!

7. Curtains
One major drawback of decorating a rented space is the taboo of wall painting. While you cannot (usually) repaint the walls or put wallpaper, there’s one thing you can do that has almost the same effect without hurting the feelings of your landlord. It’s called curtains! You can totally change the atmosphere in the room using the right color and texture of window curtains, so you have no excuses not to do it if you want to make your rented space look more personal.