The 6 interview questions you have to ask your potential flatmate when you first meet them

The 6 interview questions you have to ask your potential flatmate when you first meet them

Interviewing a future flatmate is an often neglected step in the renting process. The truth is if you want to find the best flatmate, you should take the time and ask them these 6 important questions when you firt meet. Their answer to each of them will not only give you valuable insight on their character, lifestyle, and habits, but it will also make it easily distinguishable if you are the perfect (flatmate) match:

Do you smoke?
This may sound like an obvious question to you (whether you smoke or not) but this (unhealthy) habit has a rather strong impact on your whole life, including your morning routine and the way both your clothes and your surroundings smell. Be upfront about this and let your flatmate know if it is allowed or forbidden to smoke inside. Hint: if you are a non-smoker, you can even include a clause in the rental agreement, explicitly forbidding smoking inside.

Do you have any pets?
A flatmate with a friendly beagle bringing the morning paper or with a gracious Persian cat that eats only black caviar and always gets the best spot on the couch may sound appealing to pet-lovers, but this may not be the case with you if you don’t like pets. Asking your potential flatmate about their opinion on pets will give you a hint whether it will be easy for you to get along as flatmates. If you are both pet lovers , you can even get a pet as a symbol of your new life together as flatmates! If you both prefer a clean and fur-free home, though, then that’s great too. If, however, one of you wants the purring fur ball and the other one sneezes just at the thought of it, you have a problem.

How often do you do chores?
Did you know that cleaning is among the top reasons for conflicts between flatmates? It doesn’t really matter if the answer is every day or twice a month – as long as their cleaning habits are close to yours, it’s a match! Besides, now is a good time to ask if they are willing to share the expenses of hiring a professional cleaning service that will automatically get this issue off the table (as well as the dust, that is).

What do you do for a living?
A person’s profession says a lot about their character, their daily routine, and their lifestyle. For example, if your flatmate has a regular 9-5 job, the last thing you should expect is to find them messing around with a new girl on the living room couch at 1 pm on a Tuesday afternoon. But this should be considered perfectly normal behavior if your flatmate is the star of a local band, right?

How do you spend your spare time?
The way your future flatmate spends their free time will give you enough food for thought whether you will be a good match as flatmates. Imagine they are an early bird who likes exercising in their room under the (loud) sound of Pitbull’s latest hit at 7 am (on a Saturday!) while you find it difficult to even consider opening your eyes before eleven…

How do you unwind?
Determining what kind of a “party” person you are about to accommodate is very important. They may prefer to spend the Friday night quietly in front of the TV, watching the latest Let’s Dance episode. Or they may regularly have friends over, preparing Margaritas, listening and dancing to loud music and basically getting drunk every other night. No judgments either way, but just make sure that their way to unwind doesn’t get in the way of you having fun (or having a nap).