Tips for finding accommodation in Stockholm

Finding accommodation

New to the city? Looking for a bigger apartment? Or maybe you simply feel like changing the area you live in? Then you need to start searching for an apartment. If you don’t know where to start, we’ve selected a few ideas on how you can find an apartment.


Online portals

This is a super convenient (and our personal favourite) way of browsing for a fresh start. Get online and find an accommodation search site for your city. The available rooms/apartments are online with full descriptions and prices. You just have to search through the ads and contact the landlords.

If you’re searching for an apartment in Stockholm, we highly recommend It’s convenient and easy to use. And not only can you search for vacant rooms, you can find flatmates as well! Simply create an account and start searching.


Word of mouth

This is one of the best (and probably fastest) ways of finding a new roof over your head. Tell your friends that you’re looking for a new apartment. Post it on your private social media sites. You might just get lucky and find a friend or a friend of a friend who owns an apartment or happens to have moved out of an apartment and tells you about a vacant room. This way you’ll find out about all the pros and cons of a certain apartment first hand. And apartment owners usually prefer taking someone they (briefly) know faster.
Social media

There are many city groups on different social media. Follow the ones for Stockholm or Sweden and either scroll through the ads or post that you are searching for an apartment. With a wide localized audience you will have more choices.

A bit more caution is required in order to avoid any spam or scam, though. When you go see an apartment, do take a friend with you and never pay any deposits until you’ve seen the apartment and the contract.



If you don’t mind paying a fee, then getting in touch with an agent is an easy solution to your apartment search problem. You tell them what you want and they do all the work. The agent will call you when they find a place that matches your criteria and you look and choose. You’ll probably be busy talking on the phone with the agent every day, but at least they’ll release you from the burden of going through ALL the apartment descriptions.



Old school, but it works. Grab a local newspaper and start browsing through the ads. You’ll have to make a lot of phone calls, but it just might be worth it.