Welcome to Hibih!

Untitled-1Are you looking for a place to stay in while in Stockholm? Do you want the process to be simple and easy, and the result to be cheap, practical, social, and ecological? You’ve come to the right place! Moving to a big city is always a big step. We know the problems and complications that derive from such a step and we’re here to help you! Here, at Hibih, we’ll assist you in overcoming the difficulties that accompany renting a place for a longer period of time. We’ll make it easier for you to find information, get answers to your questions, get in contact with local people, etc… The idea of CO-sharing is not new. People have been choosing this cheaper and more practical option for many years now. CO-sharing is easy and environmentally friendly. It helps you socialize and get valuable experience while saving you money and stress! Our dream is to give more chances to foreigners to find places to stay in and stimulate people to share more their houses or flats and make the communication easier through building trust and responsibility. Our great project was launched in November 2014 and is developed in collaboration with 3 partners – TCP Global, Cecilia Wanhainen, and Mathias Monarque. Our mission is to establish a fast, easy, practical and confident contact between owners offering their accommodation people looking to rent them. Let us help you feel welcome in your new home!