What not to forget when apartment hunting in spring

Apartment hunting in spring

Spring is here, the temperatures are slowly going up and everything is starting to sprout little by little. You’re thinking of apartment hunting in spring as well? That’s great. But with your thoughts almost up in the summer clouds, there are a few questions you might forget to ask. Simply because they are things more related to winter days. Some things just might not pop up in your mind immediately as the warmer days are at the doorstep.

As for where to look for apartments (any time of year), Hibih is certainly our website of choice. But before you sign anything and grab the keys, below are a few key points you shouldn’t forget to ask when renting in spring:


Utility costs
This is a question you should ask regardless when searching for a new home to rent. But because the lowest costs happen to be in summer, make sure you find out the winter costs as well. Heating and electricity can rise sky high during a cold winter. Less natural light means more artificial light. More cold means more heating. And it all results in a bigger utility bill. So instead of asking about the average, you might want to know the winter highest.

Which brings us to the following question:


Way of heating

Make sure you have all the answers about how an apartment or house is heated. Some heating options are more expensive than others. This might help you decide whether it’s worth taking an apartment just for the summer or long term.


Sun exposure

In relation to the previous point, you should be interested in how sunny the apartment gets on an average winter day. More sun will lower the heating costs because the natural heat keeps it warmer. More sunlight also means less artificial light. It’s better for your eyes AND it lowers the electricity bill. Not to mention how much more comfortable one feels in a brighter apartment as well!


Public transportation

You might be glad that you live in a city where you can pedal your way around. You can observe the beautiful scenery, do something good for yourself and the environment and get wherever you want. In the warmer months at least. But when rain and snow strike, you might feel more comfortable using public transportation. So don’t forget to check how far it is to the next metro or bus stop.


Winter conditions

Depending on where your apartment is located, you want to make sure that you can access it at any time. Regardless of winter conditions. You should find out who’s responsible for clearing the snow in front of the building. You know, for those snowed up mornings, when you happen to ignore the alarm clock. You don’t want to be the one shuffling the snow away first thing in the morning. But you don’t want the utility bill going sky high for outsourcing the job either. Check whether this service is provided by the building administrator and how much surcharge that makes per month.